When I Met my self

The book is based on nineteen principles, which can transform your life magically. Each principle, if brought into real practice will make you the most successful person and it will let you achieve all your burning desires. Go through it chapter by chapter , over and over again.

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Unlearning wrong is of equal importance as that of learning right and nobody is ever late in doing so.

If you think you can, you will and if you think you can't , you are right.

Success is following your passion but the toughest part is identifying the passion.

Say what you think, think what you dream, dream what you can create but do not sit idle.

Larger the goal is , farther it shifts from urgency.

Nothing in this world is without an option but the decision has to be made by you.

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Yes, my life has changed!

It is wonderful to be who I am and to live how I’ve always wanted tolive. What a great ch ange it has been! It was as if I had been living as a dead man until now. I must thank myself for the visit that truly changed my life.

I have discovered that I possess numerous abilities and can continuously excel in aspects of my life that I had mostly ignored. It feels wonderful to wake up excitedly, eager to learn and work. Time now feels very precious—I have become a multi-tasking individual who was once an idler that pondered over irrelevant subjects.

I often look back to the times when I had begun to question even my existence. Little did I know that after having spent fifty years of my life on this planet, I will strike the real mantra of attaining success. Before attaining this mantra, all achievements seemed futile. I had started believing that I was always headed towards the wrong direction and had travelled the wrong path, which in turn was the cause of all my misery. All these thoughts invaded my mind for a long time. Gradually, as things seemed to get worse, I looked at myself squarely and began to communicate, at depth, with the innermost recesses of my soul.

It was only after I met myself that I changed completely. The childish and momentary joys, the curiosity to learn and the fading away of regrets now came to me with relative ease. Most importantly, I was able to decide to map out the right path again. I now desire living happily and contributing to this wonderful society of ours.

Before this change, was it the interpretation of my character that was wrong? Yes. My true character didn’t just want to earn but wanted to learn and contribute what it could by sharing the best of its abilities with the world.

It isn’t like I hadn’t tried changing before. I had determined many a time to be disciplined; I had worked relentlessly and read books on successful people for inspiration. However, I would often fail and then experience pangs of regret and sadness, which further weakened my ability and resolve. I had also tried following exact methods indicated in famous self-help books and autobiographies. However, success evaded me just as the thread evades the hole of the needle. Unlearning wrong concepts had become too difficult.

Somewhere in my heart, however, I had the confidence to believe that real success was eluding me. I knew I was playing ‘hide and seek’ with success and would be able to seek it very shortly.

One of my attempts included practising a belief. Every day, before going to bed and after waking up, I would mentally tell myself that all my queries will get resolved and the purpose of my existence will reveal itself. I was also sincere and keen in finding the answers to all my questions and believed that someone will someday answer all my questions.

During this period, I noticed small changes in my life. I had never been a sportsman but was able to complete a full marathon on the Marine Drive in Mumbai at the age of forty-five. I now observed others making the same mistakes I had made—pursuing wealth, fame, and power for the sake of it. Explaining my learnings to them seemed tricky and I thus had to think a lot about how to help them in their journey.

I finally decided to pen down all the questions and answers that came to me when I met myself. Some might take clues from this story but I believe that practice makes one better, and to learn something, indulging in continuous practice is key. The results of similar attempts can differ—every attempt along with its result is like a fingerprint. Thus, what I’m sure about is that all attempts are worth attempting.

Along this journey, you are more than welcome to raise your own questions. This is the story of my consciousness and how it was transformed gradually by absorbing the answers to my questions into the depths of my subconscious mind. Your journey begins now!

Me: How should I implement all that you said in my life? What are the key takeaways for me?

Him: Begin involving others in your life and appreciate their coexistence. Do not live alone or obstruct your own way; shed your ego and start to consider and appreciate all that exists alongside. You should thank everyone who is serving you and making your life simpler and more comfortable. All the services which you are enjoying by making payments should also be appreciated, as sometimes, even when you are ready to pay, you may not get those services. Thank all those who help in entertaining you and keep you busy. You should not be only interested in yourself; your whole life should not necessarily revolve around you—it should be in relation to the others.

Help others, love all, and appreciate each and every creation of this universe. Be a contributor in making lives of others simple and meaningful. Design ways and means to serve others and derive pleasure in guiding and educating others. Remove “y” from all “your possessions” and convert it into “our possessions”. Move out of your own way and live for others so that others live for you too. You can do this by shifting your attention from “my career”, “my house”, “my car”, and “my concerns” to the concerns of others and how you can address them. You should try to make others happy through your actions. Do your job, not as your duty but as an act of serving others, and enable them to have what they want.

Be conscious about nature and welcome all seasons equally by appreciating the change in environment. Remove the thought of your non-accomplishment from your subconscious mind and replace it with When I Met Myself 18 thoughts of your accomplishments, however small they may seem to be. Fill the subconscious with possibilities of realising your inner desire to serve and create something new. Observe the happenings around you with a sense of inquisitiveness and learn to innovate from it, as was done by Newton or Archimedes.

Finally, live life in every moment by engrossing yourself totally in your concerned activities rather than worrying about your future; escaping present is inevitable, this is an undeniable truth.

My Takeaways

  1. Never stop asking questions in your life but always try to ask the right questions at the right time. Try to unlearn all wrong that has been learnt by you and keep amending your concepts thus formed.
  2. The more you observe, the more you will notice, and the more will you learn. It is really worthwhile to observe and appreciate all that exists around you. 
  3. Identify the very purpose of your life and proceed towards its realisation.
  4. Universal law is based on continual change or transformation of all that exists in the universe.
  5. Always remain aligned with your main goal by dreaming and redefining it all the time.
  6. Future is not to be worried about, as it is always linked with the present.
  7. Reshuffle all your purposes and arrange them in order of priority.
  8. Always believe in creating something new in your life.
  9. Circumstances keep changing as per your action or as directed by the universe. Your job is to respond and not to react to them.
  10. If you want your life to be meaningful, ignore your ego.

My Decisions

I have decided that for my life to be more meaningful, I will implement the following in my life with immediate effect:

  1. I will not have any preconceived ideas unless they are already proven beyond doubt. I will be ready to revisit my concepts and will unlearn or make amendments to those learned concepts.
  2. I have decided to give more importance to others, realise their importance in my life, and feel grateful for their efforts in serving me. I will always be thankful to all who serve me directly or indirectly through their products and services, even for which I have paid them.
  3. I have begun to appreciate all that exists around me and will observe everything around me with more concentration. I have also decided to try doing my work in a slightly different way every time by imagining better ways of doing it and questioning the status quo.
  4. I will try to improve my skills with constant innovation and relentless practice. For every opportunity that I get in my life, I will act and experiment utilising it without any fear of failure.
  5. I will remind myself every day that since I am not a permanent entity on this planet, I must utilise each and every moment for the betterment of society and help others. I will buy things to utilise rather than to hoard them for the future.
  6. I have decided to keep my prime goal alive by setting regular reminders in my mind. My prime goal is to contribute to a good cause for the betterment of society.
  7. I have decided not to be egotistic and allow success to go over my head. I will maintain my self-esteem but will never underestimate anyone. All works are important to me, however menial they may be.
  8. I will never compare my bad circumstances with others and will never blame them on bad luck. Instead, I will surrender to what has happened and accept it with full humility. I will try my best to come out of it. When I Met Myself 20
  9. I will try to be a part of any group consciousness. I will join groups inclined to my thinking and practice activities along with them. I would love meditating in such a group.
  10.  I will not be too possessive about anything in my life, including myself.

About Author

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Ego should remain meaningless, if you want your life to be meaningful.

Mr. Shreyansh Dixit, an altruistic man in his early 50s, is a distinguished writer and a motivational speaker. He has served as  an executive at a public sector enterprise in India for over 32 years. Hailing from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, he graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy. His articles have previously been published in the books “Soul Sojourn” and “Delete, Log off and Shutdown Corruption”, released by Sri Sri Ravishankar and Dr. Kiran Bedi respectively. Mr. Dixit has delivered motivational lectures at various engineering colleges in India, including IIT Kanpur, and has posted many more on his YouTube channel, “Shreyansh Dixit”. His zeal extends to running; he has completed one full and several half marathons since turning 45. Mr. Dixit pursues to go beyond the general exegesis of life to find that which appeals to him, and humanity at large, the most.

Shreyansh Dixit

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