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Me at mid fifties after pursuing studies in Engineering and in the job for more than thirty years found that many people are not living their life enthusiastically, even after remarkable accomplishments in their life. I found that people are still not clear about the real success and are feeling incomplete while doing whatever they are engaged in and in fact that they do not really like what they do. I studied autobiographies of many successful people, read many books, watched various podcasts and YouTube videos and pursued regular practice of meditation. I felt that since human existence is the most important existence in the universe and people should not let it go waste. There remains every reason to enjoy each and every moment of their life and there is absolutely no reason to be unhappy about anything in one’s life.

I felt a deep urge to understand all this and compile the findings in a book, which I titled “When I Met Myself”. The topic was apt to the description in 19 chapters in the book, which comprises of various questions which I asks to my soul and demands a practical example to the every argument. The questions are very basic and pertinent to the mankind, starting right from the true purpose of existence to the real meaning of success and how to achieve it. The steps- to set real long term goals and ways to make worthy attempts while facing failures, the remarkable strategy was told to me by my soul. The soul explains to me how long term goals must be framed and how that should be divided into short term goals. The effective way to be disciplined and manage time is also elaborated in the book.

If you think you can, you will and if you think you can't, you are right.

The most important chapter in the book remains about managing mind, body and soul. The existence of soul is explained by comparing it with musical notes. It is really worth reading this book with the similes of music and space. Even the true meaning of meditation and how to effectively perform the act of silence is told wonderfully by his soul, which has been compiled in the book in the chapter of meditation.

Generation of enthusiasm in day to day life is also effectively explained and the importance of emotion of love and gratitude in one’s life and its implication in one’s growth is also elaborated upon. The biggest enemy of your life is your fear and that was what was told to the author by his soul, the feeling of fear aggravates when it combines with the negative emotions.

Evaluate your progress as you learn by answering 101 questions included at the end of the book
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