Happy 2020

New Year has come again! This year too I have decided to do away with all my pain! Every time I tried and put my efforts but all that seem to go in vain! Will this time also the story once again remain the same? No! Certainly not! As I now have met myself in […]

About The Book

This book is a compilation of conversation between the author and his soul when the author meets his soul, one fine morning and asks various questions about success, happiness, peace and the real objective of his life. The soul not only encourages the author to clear all his doubts but also patiently hears all the […]


Involve yourself in the daily practice of meditation. It is a way to detoxify yourself, without any medication from outside; it is a process of self-healing. It is the provisioning for a blackboard in your mind where you can write thoughts about achieving whatever you wanted to, about living the way you want to and […]

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