Happy 2020

New Year has come again!

This year too I have decided to do away with all my pain!

Every time I tried and put my efforts but all that seem to go in vain!

Will this time also the story once again remain the same?

No! Certainly not! As I now have met myself in all these years,

Does not matter even if it took me more than fifty years!

Nevertheless, I am sure I will never be in tears,

As I have learnt the art of driving my life in different gears !

I had asked my soul, all that troubled me for so long,

And I was lucky to hold the devil bullock by its horn!

I was diligent in questions with my soul in my sojourn,

Until all my queries were resolved and were known!

I am happy to compile this conversation in my book,

Which I know I have to keep referring till it’s fully understood!

The questions which I had put to me, started with the basic purpose of my existence,

And were extended about success, failure, happiness and all that I had faced as resistance!

I was lucky to learn about the complexities of life, I know now to navigate that with enthusiasm,

To live life meaningfully, help others, and always be away from any other form of sarcasm!

I urge all to gain knowledge and turn it into wisdom, which is only possible when they read,

As this is one of the capability which distinguishes humans from any other breed!

Hereafter, face each wave of circumstance in your life with a new might,

Because every adversity in your life brings to you a new opportunity, only if you have a good sight!

Live meaningfully before you die, as you can not die when you are already dead,

Time is limited and you must start the game before it is too late!

Wishing you all a very happy Twenty twenty,

Do read the book , “When I Met Myself” though it might be a bit lengthy!

Happy 2020

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