Involve yourself in the daily practice of meditation. It is a way to detoxify yourself, without any medication from outside; it is a process of self-healing. It is the provisioning for a blackboard in your mind where you can write thoughts about achieving whatever you wanted to, about living the way you want to and about the bliss with which you were born. It is the very necessity of your existence. It is the very same connection which a wick provides to the candle in order to let it burn. Imbibe meditation in your daily life, use it, fulfil the very purpose of living, and remove the darkness around you by lighting your own mind, as an unlighted candle does not serve any purpose in darkness. If you want an adventure of the seas, you have to board this stout ship called meditation or you will miss out on all the joy in your life, as happiness are not present on shore and neither the ships are built to remain on shore. So, begin your journey, now! Do not just stand on the shore and watch the circumstances thrown at you in the form of waves, ride them right in the middle of the ocean.

My Takeaways

1. Space and silence are worth exploring.

2. Walls can create a room but the space within defines it correctly.

3. There is always space between here and there, up and down, right and left by which the existence of an entity can be defined. Everything available in the universe is related to each other by space.

4. Silence creates a universal background on which various sounds can be distinguished.

5. Seven musical notes with an infinite variation of silence in between create infinite music.

6. Meditation is an art of accessing silence.

7. The basic requirement of thinking is to gain silence first.

8. Simply put, if you try to write with white chalk on a whiteboard, nothing gain be visible. Similarly, you can never think when thoughts already exist in the background.

9. Meditation is just being in the present surroundings or in being a part of the whole.

10. Meditation is the meeting point of existence and non-existence.


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